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Conservatorship is appropriate when a person is no longer able to manage their own money.  If the person does not have a Power of Attorney or the person named in the Power of Attorney is no longer appropriate to serve, the Court will appoint a Conservator to protect the assets of the vulnerable person.


Conservators are supervised by the Probate Courts.  Conservators must act in the best interest of the protected person, must keep accurate records, must make prudent financial decisions and must file written reports each year showing the income and expenses and how the money is invested.  These records are also provided to the protected person as well as certain interested parties, such as parents or adult children.


Browning & Associates is regularly appointed to serve as Conservator for people in counties throughout Michigan because of our attention to detail, our commitment to our clients and our sound money management skills.


Our goal is always to promote the best quality of life for our clients and ensure they will have the resources they need as they age.

are you in need of conservatorship?

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