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Margaret grew up in West Bloomfield and attended Andover High School.  She attended Michigan State University and University of Michigan for college then went to Wayne State University for law school.


Margaret has been a lawyer for over 25 years.  She first worked as an insurance defense lawyer.  After 5 years doing defense, Margaret discovered that she preferred advocating for injured individuals.  She worked for over 10 years as a personal injury attorney.  By working closely with people who had gone through life changing car accidents, she saw first hand the challenges that emerge from catastrophic injuries. 

Margaret is a nationally certified guardian. 


In 2012, Margaret began serving as a Guardian and Conservator in order to provide a greater array of services to her clients.  Although her clients presented with a variety of issues, she learned over time that the key to helping people navigate their new world of disability and rehabilitation was to help them feel safe and protected. 


Over the years Margaret has assembled a team of professionals who work every day to improve the lives of Browning & Associates clients.  We work with doctors, therapists and rehabilitation specialists who are committed to helping clients achieve the best outcomes.  We get to know our clients and we learn what is important to them.  We work creatively and aggressively to assist them in achieving their goals. 


Our clients learn that they are capable of doing things they never thought possible such as working and saving money, completing their education, traveling or regaining their ability to walk.


Margaret lives in Northville with her teenage son and her dog, Buttercup.  Margaret enjoys reading, both fiction and non-fiction.  She has also been known to binge watch Orange is the New Black and Better Call Saul.


Nikeisha grew up in Detroit and now lives in Southfield.  She attended Osborn High School.  Thereafter, she attended Central Michigan University where she studied accounting.


Nikeisha has an extensive background in working with adults with a wide range of disabilities.  She owned and operated adult foster care homes for over 10 years, providing a safe, caring home for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness.


Nikeisha joined Browning & Associates, P.C. in 2017 and is our Guardianship Services Manager.  She is responsible for assisting clients with managing finances, setting budgets, establishing and maintaining their entitlement to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits and saving assets in Special Needs Trusts.


Nikeisha has 3 daughters.  She enjoys cooking and creating new recipes.  She has a Yorkie named Coco. 





Amanda grew up in Westland and went to John Glen High School.  She graduated from University of Michigan-Dearborn with a degree in Psychology.


Amanda has worked with individuals with traumatic brain injuries for many years overseeing residential and therapeutic services.


Amanda joined Browning & Associates, P.C. in 2019 as Assistant Director.  Amanda makes sure that our clients’ needs are met through regular guardian contact and creative problem solving.  Amanda also works directly with clients to guide them through the rehabilitation process and helps them live with the best quality of life.


Amanda’s creativity extends to her hobbies which include gardening, cooking and doing anything crafty.  She also enjoys cribbage and euchre.


She lives in Westland with her husband.




Lynn grew up in Redford Township and now lives in Livonia.  She graduated from Thurston High School.  She excelled in competitive typing and began working as a legal secretary while still in high school.


Lynn has worked as a legal secretary for over 30 years.  She joined Browning & Associates, P.C. in 2017 and has been keeping us organized ever since.  If you have called the office, chances are that you have talked to Lynn.


Her interests including camping and boating.  She is rarely found indoors during summer weekends.  Lynn has 2 daughters and a 5 year old Golden Retriever/Labrador mix named Angel. 


Sheri grew up in Alpena and now lives in Commerce Township.  She has a background in Physical Therapy and a master’s degree in Business and Organizational Management.


Sheri began her career as a Physical Therapist Assistant.  She progressed to working in health care management at Alpena Regional Medical Center where she developed and managed the Acute and Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. 


Sheri also has experience working in the community based rehabilitation field for individuals with sustained traumatic brain injuries.


Sheri is the Chief Operating Officer of Browning & Associates, P.C.  She joined the company in 2011 and assisted with the development of the guardianship and conservatorship practice. 


Sheri leads us in our mission to provide exceptional services for incapacitated individuals by focusing on the administrative and operational functions along with business growth and development.


Sheri, true to her northern roots, loves the outdoors.  She enjoys camping, boating and golfing.   Sheri’s dog, Oliver, a 12 year old Dachshund is often close by, whether on a boat or in the office.




Tamera grew up in Grand Rapids and graduated from Northview High School. 


She has over 25 years of experience in the field of rehabilitation.  She has previously worked with disabled adults as a vocational consultant.  Later, she worked with individuals with traumatic brain injury to assist them in residential rehabilitation placements.  She served as an informational resource for the professional community, private and public facilities and families with regard to neurologic rehabilitation.


Tamera works as a Guardian Representative at Browning & Associates, P.C.  She works directly with clients who have sustained life altering injuries to improve the quality of their lives by assisting them in getting the best medical treatment and therapies.  She provides encouragement by helping them find and succeed at meaningful challenges. 


Tamera is very handy with DIY home improvement projects.  She also enjoys spending time with family and friends boating on Dewitt Lake. Tamera lives in Dewitt with her husband.  They have five children and three dogs.  Athena is a brown Mastiff, Kiki and Tebow are pugs.



Gary grew up in Redford Township and attended Thurston High School.  He was a devoted music student, playing cello in the Metropolitan Youth Symphony.  Gary is also a gifted story teller, demonstrated by having won The Moth.  The Moth is a competition dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling and is regularly aired on NPR radio stations.


Gary pursued a career in hospitality working in New York, San Francisco and Michigan.  In this work, he learned the importance of recognizing the needs of others and being an effective problem solver.


Gary’s desire to help others lead him to develop a small business as a caregiver for senior citizens.  His ability to assist and empower his clients together with his keen sense of humor brought joy and security to those in need. 


He joined Browning & Associates in 2012 as a Guardian Representative, and has helped many clients create a wonderful quality of life.  In addition to helping them access medical treatment and therapies, he challenges them to set specific goals and guides them on the path to achieving those goals. 


He lives his life by 2 guiding principles (which he regularly shares with others):  “If what you are doing isn’t working, try something different” and “look for the solution, not the problem.”


Gary lives in Detroit with his cat named JJ.  JJ is gregarious gray tuxedo cat. 

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